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The Best YouTube Video to MP3 Converters of 2021

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms for sharing and streaming videos. From music videos to tutorials, vlogs to documentaries, YouTube has IT all. However, sometimes you may come across a video with a fantastic soundtrack or a memorable speech that you would love to have on your device as an MP3 file. That’s where YouTube to MP3 converters come into play. In this article, we will review the best YouTube video to MP3 converters of 2021.

FLVTO is a user-friendly and efficient YouTube to MP3 converter. IT allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files with ease. With FLVTO, you can convert videos directly from YouTube by copying and pasting the video URL into the converter. IT also supports batch conversion, enabling you to convert multiple videos at once. FLVTO also offers a browser extension for seamless downloading and conversion while browsing YouTube.

2. 4K YouTube to MP3:
As the name suggests, 4K YouTube to MP3 allows you to extract audio from YouTube videos in high-quality formats, including 320kbps MP3. The software is free to download and very user-friendly. All you need to do is copy the video URL and click the ‘Paste Link’ button in the software. IT also allows you to control the download speed and customize the output format according to your preferences.

3. is a reliable online YouTube to MP3 converter that supports converting YouTube videos into MP3 files. IT offers a straightforward interface where you simply need to paste the YouTube video link and choose the desired output format. ensures that the converted audio files are of high quality. Furthermore, IT allows you to trim the audio and adjust the volume before downloading.

4. 320ytmp3:
If you’re looking for a quick and efficient YouTube to MP3 converter, 320ytmp3 is the perfect choice. IT supports converting YouTube videos into high-quality MP3 files, even up to 320kbps. With a user-friendly interface, IT makes the conversion process simple and hassle-free. Additionally, 320ytmp3 also has a feature to extract audio from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

5. YouTubeMP3:
YouTubeMP3 is a popular online converter that allows you to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files easily. IT offers a simple and intuitive interface, where you can paste the video URL and choose the quality of the audio file. Additionally, YouTubeMP3 also offers an option to search for videos directly through its platform. IT ensures a quick and seamless conversion experience.

In conclusion, there are numerous YouTube video to MP3 converters available in 2021, catering to different user needs. Whether you prefer an online converter or a software-based solution, the options discussed in this article offer user-friendly interfaces, high-quality audio output, and additional features. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the best YouTube to MP3 converter that suits your preferences, enabling you to enjoy your favorite YouTube audio content offline.

Q1. Are these YouTube to MP3 converters legal?
Most YouTube to MP3 converters operate in a legal gray area. While downloading copyrighted content without permission is against YouTube’s terms of service, the legality of downloading videos solely for personal use can vary depending on your jurisdiction. IT is always advisable to check the copyright laws in your region before using these converters.

Q2. Can I convert YouTube videos to other audio formats?
Yes, many YouTube to MP3 converters also support other audio formats such as WAV, AAC, and FLAC. Depending on the converter you choose, you may have the option to select your preferred audio format during the conversion process.

Q3. Are YouTube to MP3 converters safe to use?
Most reputable YouTube to MP3 converters are safe to use, but IT is essential to exercise caution when using online converters. Be wary of converters that require you to download additional software or submit personal information. Stick to well-known converters and ensure you have an updated antivirus program installed on your device.