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The Best Free Hosting Sites for WordPress: A Comprehensive Review

The Best Free Hosting Sites for wordpress: A Comprehensive Review


Creating and launching a website has become easier than ever with wordpress. However, finding the right hosting site for wordpress can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Luckily, there are plenty of free hosting sites available that can offer reliable services without breaking the bank. In this comprehensive review, we will dive into the top free hosting sites for wordpress, weighing their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

1. 000webhost

000webhost is one of the most popular free hosting options for wordpress websites. It offers 1 GB of storage space, 10 GB of monthly bandwidth, and a powerful website builder. While it does display occasional ads, the overall user experience is excellent, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

2. Awardspace

Awardspace is another free hosting site that provides a reliable platform for wordpress. With 1 GB of storage and 5 GB of monthly bandwidth, it offers enough resources for the average small business website. Moreover, it includes a user-friendly control panel and a one-click installer for wordpress.

3. Freehostia

Freehostia stands out from the crowd by offering an impressive 6 GB of monthly traffic, making it suitable for websites with moderate traffic. It also provides a powerful website builder, a one-click installer, and excellent customer support. However, it is worth noting that Freehostia places limitations on CPU usage, which may affect performance for resource-intensive websites.

4. 5GBfree

As the name suggests, 5GBfree offers five gigabytes of storage along with 20 GB of monthly bandwidth. It boasts outstanding uptime and ensures fast loading speeds for your wordpress site. However, be aware that 5GBfree does display ads on your website, which may be a concern if you wish to maintain a professional appearance.

5. InfinityFree

InfinityFree provides an excellent package for free wordpress hosting, including unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate. Its powerful features and user-friendly control panel make it easy for beginners to set up and manage their wordpress websites. Despite occasional downtimes, InfinityFree remains a popular choice for those seeking reliable and cost-effective hosting options.

6. x10Hosting

x10Hosting has been in the industry for over a decade and offers a feature-rich free hosting plan for wordpress users. With unlimited storage, bandwidth, and the ability to host multiple wordpress websites, it is an attractive option for advanced users. However, be prepared for occasional ads, and note that customer support may not be as responsive as on paid hosting platforms.


When it comes to choosing the best free hosting site for wordpress, it ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget. Each option mentioned in this comprehensive review has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you value unlimited resources, InfinityFree and x10Hosting may be your top choices. On the other hand, if you want a user-friendly experience with minimal ads, 000webhost and Awardspace may be better suited. Regardless of the platform you choose, remember that free hosting may come with certain limitations and it’s always a good idea to consider upgrading to a paid plan as your website grows.


1. Are these free hosting sites reliable for wordpress?

While free hosting sites may not offer the same level of reliability as paid hosting options, the ones mentioned in this review have proven to be reasonably reliable for wordpress.

2. Can I upgrade my free hosting plan to a paid one later?

Yes, most of these hosting sites offer paid plans with additional features and resources, allowing you to easily upgrade as your website grows.

3. What should I consider when choosing a free hosting site for wordpress?

Factors such as storage space, bandwidth, uptime, customer support, and ease of use should be taken into consideration when choosing a free hosting site for wordpress.

4. Should I use free hosting for a large-scale website?

Free hosting is generally not recommended for large-scale websites, as they often come with limitations on resources and may not be able to handle high levels of traffic.

5. Can I use free hosting for an e-commerce website?

While it is technically possible to use free hosting for an e-commerce website, it is usually not recommended due to the limitations on resources and security measures that may not meet the necessary standards.

Overall, if you are just starting with wordpress and have a low budget, these free hosting sites can offer you a great way to get your website up and running without having to spend a dime. However, it is important to carefully consider your website’s specific needs and potential limitations before making a final decision.