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10 Stunning Divi Website Templates for Business Websites

10 Stunning Divi Website Templates for Business Websites

Are you looking for a visually appealing and functional website template for your business? Look no further! Divi, a popular wordpress theme, offers a wide range of stunning website templates specifically designed for business websites. In this article, we showcase 10 of the most impressive Divi website templates that will elevate your online presence and attract more customers. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Divi Business

Divi Business Template

If you want a professional and sleek website design, the Divi Business template is an excellent choice. Its clean and modern layout allows you to showcase your services and products effectively. With customizable color schemes and typography options, you can easily align the template with your brand identity.

2. Divi Agency

Divi Agency Template

The Divi Agency template is perfect for creative agencies or freelancers looking to highlight their portfolio. This template offers stunning image galleries and an elegant project page layout. Its interactive features and easy navigation make it a top choice for businesses in the creative industry.

3. Divi Consulting

Divi Consulting Template

For consulting firms or professionals, the Divi Consulting template offers a sophisticated and informative design. This template includes sections for showcasing expertise, client testimonials, and contact information. It also provides a blog layout where you can share your industry insights and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

4. Divi Ecommerce

Divi Ecommerce Template

If you run an online store, the Divi Ecommerce template is the perfect fit. With its clean and user-friendly interface, you can showcase your products and provide an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. The template includes essential features like product galleries, user reviews, and a user-friendly shopping cart.

5. Divi Restaurant

Divi Restaurant Template

For restaurants or cafes, the Divi Restaurant template offers a visually stunning and appetizing design. Its elegant menus, reservation system, and gallery feature allow you to showcase your delicious offerings. The template is also mobile-responsive, ensuring that customers can easily access your website on any device.

6. Divi Fitness

Divi Fitness Template

If you’re in the fitness industry, the Divi Fitness template provides an energizing and motivational design. It features sections for class schedules, trainer profiles, and client transformation stories. This template also integrates seamlessly with popular fitness plugins, allowing you to offer booking and membership options.

7. Divi Technology

Divi Technology Template

If your business revolves around technology, the Divi Technology template will showcase your products and services in a cutting-edge manner. It comes with sections to highlight features, pricing plans, and customer testimonials. The design is sleek and modern, perfect for creating a strong online presence in the tech industry.

8. Divi Architecture

Divi Architecture Template

Architects and interior designers will love the Divi Architecture template. It offers a clean, minimalist design that allows your projects to take center stage. The template includes a portfolio layout, team member profiles, and project galleries. With easy customization options, you can make this template truly reflect your unique style.

9. Divi Real Estate

Divi Real Estate Template

If you’re in the real estate business, the Divi Real Estate template is tailored to meet your needs. It offers advanced search options, property listings, and an intuitive interface. This template also integrates with popular real estate plugins, making it easy to manage and showcase your properties.

10. Divi Startup

Divi Startup Template

The Divi Startup template is perfect for newly established businesses or startups. This template offers sections for showcasing your team, mission statement, and product features. It also includes pricing tables and a newsletter subscription form to help you convert visitors into loyal customers.


Choosing the right website template is crucial for your business’s online success. Divi offers a wide range of stunning templates that cater to various industries and business types. Whether you need a template for a consulting firm, a restaurant, or an online store, Divi has you covered. Take advantage of its customizable options and visually appealing designs to create a website that represents your brand and attracts more customers.


1. Can I customize the Divi website templates?

Yes, Divi allows you to customize its website templates according to your brand’s identity. You can easily change colors, typography, images, and even the layout of the templates to make them unique to your business.

2. Are the Divi website templates mobile-responsive?

Yes, all Divi website templates are designed to be mobile-responsive. They adapt to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for your visitors.

3. Can I use the Divi website templates on any wordpress website?

Yes, the Divi website templates are specifically designed for use with the Divi theme, which is a popular wordpress theme. As long as you have Divi installed, you can easily import and use any of the Divi website templates showcased in this article.

4. Where can I find these Divi website templates?

You can find these Divi website templates on the official Divi website or through reputable third-party Divi marketplaces. Make sure to choose a source that offers genuine and updated templates for a smooth website-building experience.